About SRI

Lee is a dedicated professional who comes from a Military, Surveillance and Security background.
As a consultant in surveillance, security and protection of UHNW clients he has
gained experience within both complex and corporate environments as an
operative, manager and mentor. His varied career has led him to work in a
variety of arduous environments worldwide in many challenging experiences.

Lee has utilised his experiences in complex situations and adapted them, putting them to use whilst he was recently employed in a behavioural and Social, Emotional and Mental Health school.

He became a behavioural team leader after several months in a pastoral
care role and introduced numerous plans to help deal with challenging children and young adults. His approach and techniques dealing with the children led to the behaviour, physical restraints, assaults on staff and pupils along with
expulsion of pupils to be reduced. Lee turned the behaviour around in a short
period of time that led a previous rating from OFSTED as poor to good. Lee is a
qualified instructor in the use of physical intervention and has numerous,
relevant continued development on going to aid in the teaching of up to date
regulations and techniques.

Whilst working in the education setting he introduced the children and
young learners to outdoor learning and activities which included but not
exhaustive to, life skills, summer camps, residential activities and overnight
learning expeditions. He strongly believes this type of learning benefits the children and young people in communication skills, motivation, independence, confidence and self-esteem building, concentrating, self-evaluation and the openness to new perspectives.

Lee is fuelled by his passion for understanding and managing risks. He
is objective, focused, adaptable to any situation and disciplined in the areas
of child safety, safeguarding and risk management.

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